The 10 Week Projekt Social Programme

“Running your own social media campaign without a full understanding of the platform’s capabilities is like only ever using the volume and channel button on a tv remote.
You might just about get by but hey you’re missing out on some cool stuff”


Frustrated that you just don’t get enough time to spend promoting your business on Social Media?

Overwhelmed by the new features that keep appearing on social platforms and struggle to keep pace with which are worthwhile or not?

Struggling with what to say on posts?

If the answer to any of the above is yes then this course is for you,
structured to set you up with the know-how to effectively manage social media accounts yourself.

  • Ten, one-hour coaching sessions on various platforms and techniques.
  • One to one sessions on zoom giving direct feedback and direction for your business.
  • Setup and optimization of one platform .
  • Provide you with a simple to use
  • Canva template to enable you to create your own graphics
  • Access to a wealth of exclusive material, videos and step by step guides
  • On hand advise and help when needed
  • Initial online Marketing assessment of your business that can be used as a guide for key areas to focus on during the programme and thereafter.
  • Help in creating a social media schedule that can be used beyond the period of the programme.

    Platforms covered in detail

    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram
    • Google My Business
    • WhatsApp

    Some of the areas covered

    • Choosing the platform that is best for your business
    • How to setup an effective business page
    • How to maximise the effectiveness of time spent
    • Assessment of the value offered by your business and coaching in how to project this in your posting.
    • Creating a schedule and a plan for social media postings
    • Ideas for maximum impact posts 
    • How to ensure your business is seen
    • Creating your own network of social media contacts

    Book Now

    The interactive 1-hour training is carried out on Zoom and up to three people from one company can attend the same calls.

    Three payments of £260 Excl VAT are payable monthly, the first in advance at the start of the programme and the remaining two monthly thereafter.

    Should you not be completely satisfied with the training at the end of the programme we will refund in full.

    Once confirmed, we will send you an onboarding questionnaire and dates of the training. One to one sessions will be booked at a convenient time for you during the day or evening at the same time each week for the duration.

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