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Facebook Ads

Whilst with Facebook ads you can be very specific on the demographic or Geographic of your target audience there are many things that you can and should do before even considering ads to grow your following.


  • Post engaging material that resonates with the audience’s heart, what problem does your business solve, what emotions can you evoke
  • Have a consistent theme
  • Regularly create posts from testimonials or reviews
  • Consider Competitions and giveaway promos, and get them on as many platforms as possible
  • Use video content regularly
  • Be seen as an expert in your field and post free advice and tips in your field of business
  • Post videos direct to Facebook, not YouTube links
  • Where possible summarise a message in a one-sentence graphic, giving the full detail in the body of the post
  • Carefully select the timing of posts when you will achieve max engagement
  • Focus on the value add of content rather than the qty of posts

With over 65 Million active small business pages on the platform you have to do all you can to be seen and to stand out.

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